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Greenwashing Examples 2019. There are many examples of what greenwashing can look like above, but I'll show you some specific examples here. Plastic water bottles like Poland Spring, Evian and Deer Park all have nature on their labels. Plastic water bottles are designed to be single-use and are one of the greatest dangers right now to our environment An example of greenwashing is the American multinational oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil indicating they were reducing greenhouse gas emissions while they were actually increasing. There are basically two types of greenwashing: A company which claims credit for an existing production method as if they were influenced by an eco-friendly directive. For example, a company may eliminate the use of shrink wraps for packaging to cut costs but portray it as a green initiative

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Bekanntestes Greenwashing Beispiel: Krombacher rettet den Regenwald 1 Kasten = 1 Quadratmeter, das war bis 2018 das Versprechen. Fakt ist, dass Krombacher seit 2002 4 Mio 15+ Examples of Greenwashing Practices to Mislead or Deceive Customers. 1.Changing the name, logo, slogan, motto; 2. Perception of legitimacy; 3. Rebranding; 4. Consumption figures; 5. Distracting consumers; 6. Differentiating company products; 7. Display of complex data; 8. Make claims that can't be proven; 9. Favored partnerships; 10. Green projects; 11. Feedback loops; 12. Production proces Examples of Greenwashing. Some of the classic examples are as follows: In the recent December 2019, BP provided a campaign that misled the consumers & provided false impressions through their advertisement, which provides the need to reduce greenhouse gas emission drastically. After the enquiry, it was proved that BP has almost 96% of its annual capacity into non-renewable oil & gas (a big hazard for the environment). The total investment by BP in low-carbon initiatives as just 4% of. Other diesel manufacturers have faced similar allegations. Mercedes-Benz faces a class-action suit alleging that its eco-friendly BlueTEC line releases more than 65 times the EPA's allowable limit for nitrogen oxide. Clean diesel is an oxymoron. It's a clear example of greenwashing. Eco-friendly cigarette

In fact, CorpWatch used to hold an annual Greenwash Academy Awards event to celebrate just how ridiculous it is when dirty brands try to clean themselves off with expensive adverting. Shell Oil: Reef Picture It's a risky tactic, and one that's unlikely to pay off Weitersagen abbrechen. B urger in Verpackungen aus Graspapier, Eis mit Holzlöffeln und Ketchup in Waffeln: Was nach einem umweltbewussten Restaurant im hippen Berliner Trendviertel klingen mag. An example of greenwashing was replacing the color of its logo from blue to green - to portray its green gas-friendly to gas-free image. (2009) (2009) This was a false representation, as only one of its brands, Chevrolet Volt was an eco-friendly electric car, not its whole range

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  1. A perfect example of greenwashing is US MNC ONGC ExxonMobil showing that they are decreasing the emissions from the greenhouse as they are causing a rise in it. There is a Total of 2 Types of Greenwashing 1. Any organization which asserts credit for present production approach as if they are moved by eco-friendly driven objective
  2. ently disclose that coffee pods are not certified for backyard composting, per NAD's recommendation
  3. ent examples: 1. Back in 2002, Cargill, the world's biggest producer of corn, announced a revolutionary new fleece material made from corn sugar, not the traditional petroleum
  4. Greenwashing bezeichnet den Versuch eines Unternehmen, durch Marketing- und PR-Maßnahmen ein grünes Image zu erlangen, ohne allerdings entsprechende Maßnahmen im Rahmen der Wertschöpfung zu implementieren. Dadurch wird Verbrauchern Umweltfreundlichkeit und Unternehmensverantwortung suggeriert.₁ . Auf diese Weise verschleiert ein Unternehmen gegenläufige, umweltbelastende Aktivitäten
  5. Examples of greenwashing. McDonald's Paper Straws. McDonald's switched to paper straws last year but it turns out the straws can't be recycled due to the UK's recycling infrastructure. But even if they could be recycled, the cups they serve their drinks in are plastic-lined. So switching to paper straws without changing the cups themselves didn't really solve the problem of single-use plastic, it was simply an attempt to make McDonald's look good

H&M recycling program is another example of greenwashing. Only a small portion of textiles can be recycled. Recycling is a very complex and resource-intensive process, especially when various fibers are blended to enhance fabric properties. H&M claims to use old textiles to make new clothes but it isn't entirely possible. H&M also offers 15% off your next in-store purchase for every bag of. Greenwashing examples. Now you've seen a few examples of greenwashing and the consequences they've had, let's take a look at some products that are currently treading the line of being greenwashed. Tide purclean Liquid. Cleaning detergents are ripe to be greenwashed. In this case, Tide's 'purclean' liquid is in the spotlight Examples of companies who use greenwashing language and design to market their products Herbal Essences. I used this shampoo for years (and I'm still using up an old bottle of conditioner). It's really nice! Just be mindful that the name and marketing does not mean that there are any actual botanicals in the products (or the % is negligible), nor are the ingredients and production.

Examples of greenwashing. Below I've outlined a couple notorious examples of greenwashing to illustrate what this tends to look like in the real world, but sometimes the verbiage can be greenwashy too. For example, if a bedding company said we are going green! but then didn't say how or why, that's a big red flag. However, if they said we're going green! We transitioned half our bedding to be made with hemp instead of conventional cotton! you could have a. Below is a list containing examples of unsubstantiated claims that would be considered greenwashing. A plastic package containing a new shower curtain is labeled recyclable. It is not clear..

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Clean Coal, an initiative adopted by several platforms for the 2008 U.S presidential elections is an example of political greenwashing. The policy cited carbon capture as a means of reducing carbon emissions by capturing and injecting carbon dioxide produced by coal power plants into layers of porous rock below the ground Three Greenwashing Examples: BP, Shell and Ryanair BP In December 2019, environmental legal charity 'Client Earth' launched a complaint against BP over claims of greenwashing Greenwashing oder Greenwash (englisch; wörtlich grünwaschen, übertragen: sich ein grünes Mäntelchen umhängen) ist eine kritische Bezeichnung für PR-Methoden, die darauf zielen, einem Unternehmen in der Öffentlichkeit ein umweltfreundliches und verantwortungsbewusstes Image zu verleihen, ohne dass es dafür eine hinreichende Grundlage gibt

On retrouve (trop) souvent cette pratique parmi les exemples de greenwashing. Cette couleur est évidemment associée au naturel, à l'environnement et les marques comme Ajax, McDo ou encore Coca-Cola se font un malin plaisir à en abuser pour verdir leur image. Notons que la composition des produits reste, la plupart du temps, inchangée Lousy Labels: Home Edition | Originally broadcast September 14, 2012.For more: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2012-2013/lousy-labels-home-edition»»». Example of Greenwashing Campaign: British Petroleum. British Petroleum's first move to becoming green started in 1997 when it quit the industry's climate change denial group and acknowledged a link between global warming and fossil fuels. By 2000, the company hired advertising firm Ogilvy & Mathers to launch a $200 million rebranding campaign. The firm rebranded the name British. More examples of greenwashing. Here are some more examples of greenwashing to help you get a hang of what to look out for McDonald's: McDonald's has done a great deal to 'green up' its image in recent years. However, some offerings have turned out to be more for show. Such as their paper straws, which are too thick to be recycled. B&Q: The gardening and DIY giant B&Q sell a peat. Greenwashing Advertising Examples. Some examples of greenwashing are companies labeling themselves as green or sustainable when they do not meet any criteria for it, such as advertising cleaning materials with images of waterfalls and forests to make them seem like an eco-friendly product. Key features of greenwashing companies include; The company advertises that they are.

What are some greenwashing examples? The most prominent example that comes to mind for me is H&M; I've been seeing this commercial on TV a lot recently. It starts with the statement What we do today will define our tomorrow - something that rings true with anyone who cares about the environment. The commerical is filled with statements that make you think H&M is doing amazing things. Examples of greenwashing. The consumer market is full of organizations that are using deception to sell their products and services to innocent consumers. They have aligned with the eco-friendly causes to persuade customers to their way of thinking. The truth is that they are violating the environmental standards set up by domestic or international bodies by using wrongful marketing techniques. Greenwashing - Examples. Examples. Environmentalists have argued that Bush Administration's Clear Skies Initiative actually weakens air pollution laws. Many food products have packaging that evokes an environmentally friendly imagery even though there has been no attempt made at lowering the environmental impact of its production. In 2009, European McDonald's changed the colour of their logos.

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  1. Greenwashing example: An energy company that invests in climate initiatives around the world but pollutes poor communities in its own backyard. What to do when you see it. Though we now live in a call-out culture, you might not want to take to social media to shame any company you catch greenwashing—at least not right away. Calling out tends to make corporations and businesses incredibly.
  2. Examples of Greenwashing. As you can imagine there are thousands of high profile examples of greenwashing in almost every industry from oil production to chocolate production. BP infamously rebranded from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum and changed its brand colour to green. KFC ramped up its greenwashing in 2019 opening a Beyond Fried Chicken branch, also literally painted green. Nestle.
  3. For example, a company sells mold resistant paint, which is true, but then they also claim that the paint would have a great effect on the health of the residents (which they have not checked for specifically). 5. Not publishing the entire life cycle. This is definitely one of the most popular greenwashing strategies you'll come across. A.
  4. g that their products are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and natural, when in reality they are NOT. Let's look at the popular brand Aveeno, for example. You see the cal
  5. Beispiele für Greenwashing Starbucks. Jährlich werden in Deutschland etwa 2,8 Milliarden Coffee2Go-Becher weggeworfen, die aufgrund des... Coca Cola. McDonald's. Billigfleisch, Chemikalien, Ausbeutung₁₂ und jede Menge Verpackungsmüll. Das Unternehmen produzierte... BP (Beyond Petroleum). Der.

Greenwashing für ein positives Image Der Begriff Greenwash, auf deutsch Grünwaschen oder Grünfärben, bezeichnet eine Strategie, mit der sich Akteure durch die gezielte Verbreitung von Desinformation ein Image ökologischer Verantwortung zu verschaffen suchen, definiert Lobby Control den Begriff Nicht ganz - McDonald's ist ein Paradebeispiel für Greenwashing. Neue Pläne für Gentechnik im Geflügelfutter beweisen es. / Vor ein paar Jahren wechselte die Fast-Food-Kette den Hintergrund für das Unternehmenslogo von Rot auf Grün - als Bekenntnis und Respekt vor der Umwelt, wie es hieß. Ein bisschen Schminke reicht allerdings nicht aus, um die Umwelt zu schützen. Sie kann auch dazu. Als Greenwashing werden Kampagnen und PR-Aktionen bezeichnet, die einzelne Produkte, ganze Unternehmen oder politische Strategien in ein grünes Licht stellen, sodass der Eindruck entsteht, die Akteure würden besonders umweltfreundlich, ethisch korrekt und fair handeln. Unternehmen, die Greenwashing betreiben, treten in den Augen der Käufer und der Öffentlichkeit mit einem grünen. Examples of Greenwashing. Spotting greenwashing can be a little tricky, but here are a few examples of companies who did it and got caught red-handed. Volkswagen. One of the biggest news stories.

Hi Kathryn, totally love the greenwashing examples you have shown here, it will definitely help readers to understand this better. By the way the new trend is SDG washing, coming across it first hand. It's so unfortunate. Reply. aracely says: April 4, 2020 at 6:16 pm. wow so true about the diapers! I ended up using cloth diapers for baby for same reason. It took a while for my family to stop. Examples of Greenwashing. There are many different examples of how a company can greenwash over their unethical and environmentally unfriendly policies. For example, some will use an advert that purposefully misleads the audience in an attempt to convince them that they are actually much more environmentally aware than they are. Some will even include visuals and statistics that seem to back. There are notorious examples of greenwashing in most industries, though funnily enough those polluting most are the worst offenders: the clothing, oil, gas, coal, mining, and paper industries all have an impressive track record of greenwashing. For instance, every stage of oil production (exploration, production, transportation, manufacturing, and consumption) can cause enormous damage to both. Greenwashing: The Enemy Of Sustainability. As the UN pushes for global adoption of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organisations are encouraged more and more to integrate sustainable practices into their business plans 1 - for the good both of the world and the organisation.. According to the Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), 55% of over 30,000 online.

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marketing examples include describing products as natural when they are actually genetically engineered, and claiming to be organic when the products manufactured are anything but.6 CULMINATION OF GREENWASHING Despite how the term greenwashing was officially penned in the mid-1980s, the first real example of the dirty practice came around during the culmination of the first Earth Day in. Top 10 Greenwashing Companies In America. 24/7 Wall Street 24/7 Wall Street. The irony of the green movement of US companies is that many of the firms that spend the most money and public relations effort trying to show the government, the public, and their shareholders that they are trying to improve the environment are also among the most prolific polluters in the country. Pollution does.

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Greenwashing has a significant negative effect on green trust in hotels. Two of the most common green practices in a hotel are chosen as they are often used as examples of greenwashing - the towel reuse program and the energy conservation reminder sign. The study will contribute to the current literature by expanding the greenwashing research into the hospitality field. The examination. Today, the Sins of Greenwashing remain a popular learning tool to help consumers evaluate sustainability claims. Common examples are facial tissues or toilet tissue products that claim various percentages of post-consumer recycled content without providing evidence. Sin of vagueness . A claim that is so poorly defined or broad that its real meaning is likely to be misunderstood by the. One of the most well-known high profile corporate examples of greenwashing failures include Volkswagon's 7 year 'clean diesel' advertising campaign scandal, with a suspected 25,000 vehicles sold with cheating emissions technology. The US took the company to court for violating the Clean Air Act, settled with a $120,000 fine without admitting any wrongdoing. In 2018, in response to. It's not difficult for pros to spot such examples of greenwashing—most types of environmental claims are so common that Case's TerraChoice released a study called The Six Sins of Greenwashing that detailed the most common types of false or misleading claims. The organization tested 1,018 products from big box stores that made environmental claims and found that all but one committed at.

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  1. g to be natural
  2. example, Matthew Guiste (2008), dir ector of global soci al media for Star bucks, wrote the following comme nt response on a bl og post about Starb ucks Shared Planet : Thanks for the note , UrbanVoy
  3. Are companies going 'green' or are they just selling you the idea of green practices while ignoring sustainability? Greenwashing is when a product or busines..
  4. Greenwashing Examples. Now we know what greenwashing is, let's look at some potential ways companies use greenwashing in their favour. Fashion companies are keen to start promoting a more green approach, many using wording and simple eye-pleasing green badges with their products. While some companies may have legit certifications, a lot of brands are using marketing tools to gain your.

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  1. Examples of Greenwashing. There are many documented cases of greenwashing, but here are some examples that are commonly referenced and formally addressed by authoritative organizations. The Malaysia Palm Oil Council advertised itself as eco-friendly in a 2008 tv commercial. They stated their plantations give life and help the planet breathe. However, critics cited palm oil.
  2. Be wary of brands that talk about their goals and achievements without providing much detail; this could be a sign that it is greenwashing, rather than actually doing the work of making its supply.
  3. Most of the greenwashing we see falls into one of these nine types. Here are tips on how to spot them. I am going to go out on a limb here, but I would bet that sometime in the last 24 hours you have received a marketing message centered around how green, how environmentally friendly, or (if it's really serious), how sustainable something is
  4. An example of this is H&M's Conscious collection, which might be a nice initiative, but that doesn't change their overarching detrimental business model. It can sometimes be hard to tell when a company is greenwashing, especially if their marketing is really savvy. So, here's how you can research companies and figure out whether they're.
  5. Greenwashing Examples From Canada; External links. Josh Richman, Greenwashing on Trial: Does Nike have a First Amendment right to publicly claim that it is a leader in fighting sweatshops -- or is that false advertising? The California Supreme Court may soon decide, Mother Jones, February 23, 2001. Joshua Karliner, A Brief History of Greenwash, CorpWatch, March 22, 2001. Danny Hakim, A.

Le greenwashing politique : Macron et son stupide « Make Our Planet Great Again ». Le chef de l'Etat Français, Emmanuel Macron, s'est également illustré dans le domaine. On se souvient tous du fameux « Make Our Planet Great Again », en réponse au « Make America Great Again » de Donald Trump, qui ne s'est finalement jamais traduit dans les actions du gouvernement français. A recent example of greenwashing is the press coverage surrounding McDonald's straws. In June 2018, the fast food chain announced that they would be swapping their single-use plastic straws for a paper alternative, after they owned up to using eight million straws every day in the UK alone. The straw switch was part of McDonald's plan to source 100% of their packaging from renewable, recycled.

Revealed: 9 examples of fossil fuel company greenwashing. Climate scientists say we have less than 10 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. We urgently need polluting fossil fuel companies to change their business models but too few are facing up to this reality. Instead of leading a low-carbon transition, these companies are putting out advertising that distracts the public from the. Greenwashing refers to misleading marketing claims made by companies to falsely suggest an environmental benefit. Most consumers aren't familiar with the term greenwashing, but examples of. It is fair to say greenwashing has cost Volkswagen billions of dollars. But Volkswagen is not alone. Coca-Cola, for example, has run afoul in recent months with the launch of Coca-Cola Life in. Greenwashing is a practice followed by organisations in which unsubstantiated or misleading claims are made of the environmental and social attributes of a product, service or the company as a brand greenwash Bedeutung, Definition greenwash: 1. to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really

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greenwash meaning: 1. to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really. Learn more Greenwashing example; How to avoid greenwashing; Greenwashing scandals; Greenwashing Definition. Companies can unethically trick you into thinking their products are environmentally friendly. They do this because going green or zero waste is trendy and they want your money. They know that people who are looking to lower their carbon footprint will be more enticed to buy products that. Greenwashing Examples: Have you Been Duped? Eco-friendliness is hot right now. It's in. But marketing teams have their fingers on the pulse and know that consumers increasingly demand green products. So they tout misleading claims to sound more eco-friendly than they actually are to - you guessed it! - make a profit. It's called greenwashing, and consumers are being duped by.

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Greenwashing. Perhaps the most recognised risk related to green bonds is 'greenwashing', which is defined as the superficial or insincere display of concern for the environment 1. A common form of greenwashing is when environmental claims are made without supporting evidence. There have been many examples of well-meaning companies touting consumer products as environmentally friendly. Volkswagen emissions scandal: Forty years of greenwashing - the well-travelled road taken by VW. The German car giant may have used highly sophisticated software to cheat in emissions tests, but. Greenwashing bedeutet, dass Unternehmen oder Verbände sich ein ökologisches Image geben, das jedoch nicht oder nur halb der Wahrheit entspricht. Eine tickende Zeitbombe. Denn gerade die LOHAS.

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Greenwashing in cosmetics is such a tricky subject. Some of the beauty brands I've listed below are blatantly misleading consumers through greenwashing practices. Others on this list may be less deliberate in their marketing ploys, but are still worth noting as brands that are often mistaken as fully natural and green, yet are not. Calling out companies in this way is something I've. One egregious example of greenwashing is the recent case of Starbucks: In July 2018, Starbucks announced that they would be going strawless in response to increasing regulations imposed on plastic.

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Examples Of Greenwashing Walmart's Degrading Lies. Walmart, the world's biggest retailer, is not exactly famous for its ethical behavior. So it probably won't come as a huge shock to you that back in 2017, they were caught greenwashing in California An example of product/service-level greenwashing is the Energy Star mis-certified refrigerators from LG, an eco-label of energy efficiency, which was found that 10 models of LG's refrigerators were not energy efficient to be certified . We found two different major classifications of greenwashing: Claim greenwashing and Executional greenwashing. The studies on the literature concentrate on. An example of the clear manifestation of greenwashing taking place in the Dawn, an American dishwashing soap company ad campaign. Due to the many chemicals and artificial scents used in their cleaning products, Dawn products are far from sustainable. Yet the company has carried out multiple ad campaigns and commercials depicting workers helping animals impacted by oil spills. In addition, they. Much like greenwashing, the capabilities of automation are often overstated. The lack of public awareness of this issue is one of the most critical problems impacting trust calibration and the safe use of vehicle automation. Yet, it has gone unnamed and continues to affect the public understanding of the technology. Hence, the case for the use of the term autonowashing to describe. Greenwashing is a widespread practice used by companies of all sizes to mislead consumers. Find out what greenwashing is — and how to identify greenwashed products — and choose ones that are actually healthy and eco-friendly. By Jessica Welch • A version of this article was originally published by Annmarie. Greenwashing is the food and beauty industries' form of brainwashing. Companies.

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Greenwashing is the misleading claims of environmental benefits attached to a product. It is deceptive marketing designed to portray a product or a company as caring for the environment In fact, besides a few clear-cut examples, greenwashing is largely in the eye of the beholder. Intent is central, and it's very hard to prove intent, explains Lenox, who specializes in the intersection of business strategy and public policy as it relates to the environment. Knowingly making false claims is an obvious no-no, but determining if a company is consciously greenwashing is. Greenwashing Defined History of Green Washing Examples of Greenwashing How to Spot Greenwashing. Background. With the surge in environmental awareness of the general public companies are fast coming to the realisation that being green or environmentally responsible has rewards. Environmentally friendly products are in greater demand, consumers. GREENWASHING IN ACTION. When it comes to greenwashing, Exxon Mobil is as good a company to start with as any. This oil giant, whose own scientists warned of the catastrophic events fossil fuel use would cause since at least the 1980s, has painted a particularly rosy picture of its response to the climate crisis. Take its widespread algae-biofuel campaign, for example. This collection of.

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ganadora del premio al mejor greenwashing (Greenwash Award) otorgado por las ONG en Johannesburgo en 2002. Shell acude siempre a los foros sobre sostenibilidad, presta ejecutivos a la BASD y utiliza una las mejores publicidades verdes, pero engañosas, del mundo. Greenpeace se ha opuesto a muchas de las actividades de Shell, desde el Ártico a Nigeria. Si evaluamos lo que han dado de sí estos. Greenwashing is commonly used in the marketing of cleaning products, health and beauty products, home appliances, paper products, and more. One common example of greenwashing is compostable take-out containers. In Toronto, for example, even products that are considered compostable elsewhere often end up in landfills For example, some paper products claim to be 'green' based on a narrow set of attributes without attention to other important environmental issues. Paper, for example, is not necessarily environmentally preferable in aggregate just because it comes from a sustainably harvested forest. Other important environmental issues in the paper-making process, such as greenhouse gas emissions, or. Greenwashing is the act of outwardly promoting sustainable ideas to draw attention away from the waste produced or lack of benefits. As people become more aware of the potential external costs of.

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Greenwashing is a term first coined in the 1980s to describe companies making environmental claims in a bid to jump on the bandwagon. It can also be applied to ethical fashion, although generally. Greenwashing Examples: How To Read A Skincare Label. Instead than telling you what a product that's been through greenwashing looks like, I'll show you an example. Let's take Boots Ingredients Hemp Seed Oil. With a name like that, you'd think this bottle only contains hemp seed oil, right? Wrong. A closer look at the ingredient list reveals the truth: Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Paraffinum. One man's greenwashing is often another's 'pragmatic response'. And sometimes there might be legitimate disagreement. Some companies are attempting to tackle this by being open about the challenges of ensuring profitability in this new green era. For example, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia is trying to be transparent with.

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Was ist Greenwashing? Definition im Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon vollständig und kostenfrei online. Geprüftes Wissen beim Original Greenwashing takes many forms. For example, a bank may claim to be green because it offers online banking. However, their energy usage to offer this service may be generating greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. Or perhaps an energy company is promoting its new clean technology while 98 percent of its fuel is still dirty. Greenwashing may fool some consumers temporarily. Examples of process attribute view definitions are the Greenpeace definition (Greenwashing as the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service), which is one of the most cited in literature, or the Marquis and Toffel's definition: Greenwashing is the practice of promoting environmentally friendly. Greenwashing in Cosmetics: when a beauty brand makes trumped up claims about how natural, organic or eco their formulas are, but what's in the bottle doesn't match up. Let's start by taking a look at what's on the St. Ives home page. At first glance all this marketing speak about natural plant ingredients would make anyone feel better about choosing them as an effective, natural.

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Greenwashing is the act of lying to people about the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product. Many so-called 'green' products are not green at all! They're not even a shade of green. Dishonest companies try to cash in on our concerns about the destruction of our environment by passing off their products as green. These people think that they are. Greenwashing happens when a company conveys false claims or provides misleading information about its products or actions to suggest they are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Brands are giving this promise to customers but aren't following what they say behind the scenes, leading customers to believe they are doing something good by buying into the brand when they are just taking part. Greenwashing and Blue-washing are recently coined terms (although Greenwashing was coined in 1986, it has become common parlance only recently), which have come into use with respect to companies and their fulfilment of corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship advocacy. In fact, it is the non-fulfilment of the same that has brought about th

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